Event Details

Welcome everyone! We’re so excited for you to join us on this special day. Here are the essential details:

When do I need to show up? 

Here’s a brief outline of our event on Friday August 18th, 2017:

5:30-6:30: Beverages and Banter (Arrive, mingle and enjoy some activities and displays!)

6:30 – Mini-Ceremony (A reprisal of our vows and other romantic stuff)

7:00 – Dinner (Feeding time! We love tacos, so enjoy our taco bar)

Brief program, live music, and dance to follow!

Where is it? Will Google maps find it or do I need to pay attention to where I’m going?   

Its at the Bowness Scout & Lions Hall, 8551 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB http://bownesslionsscouthall.com/location/

The building is not hard to miss once you know what it looks like, so click the link above for a photo. Its at the bend in Bowness Road south of Angel’s Diner. Google Maps currently calls it “Bowness Ratepayers Scout” but its the same place.

What is happening? Why are you getting married at night? Will it be boring? Lengthy and awkward speeches? Or will it be one of the most fun nights of my life?

We’re actually getting married 6 days earlier in Kimberley, BC, near where Morganne lives, with a small ceremony comprised of mostly her kinfolk. This Calgary event will be more like a reception, and an opportunity for more of Jeremy’s crew to attend.

We will have a brief reprisal of our vows to start, a dinner and short program (still working out some ideas, etc.), but there will be a cap on lengthy speeches (phew), as we’ll be itching to hit the dance floor.

So bring your dancing shoes, appetite, and sense of humour!