Once Upon A Time…

Since none of you actually know the both of us and our courtship seems like a bit of a mystery, we thought we would share a little of our story.

We really have Dana Oikawa to thank for our relationship. She is a mutual longtime friend of both of us who lives in Vancouver, and after a serendipitous moment of catching up with Jeremy on the phone as Morganne walked into the room, had the inspired thought that perhaps we two would have some things to talk about. Turns out we did!

So after a few weeks of emails and online chats, we first met in person halfway between Cranbrook and Calgary in Invermere in late August. We spent the day eating and drinking our way through Invermere, learning about each other and being… cautiously optimistic. As the the fall went on our communication became more regular, and our long-distance Skating (Morganne’s affectionate term for ‘Skype dating’) relationship blossomed in full force in November, byway of frequent commutes between Calgary and Cranbrook. We gave priority to spending time together along side each other’s nearest and dearest friends, and then bit the candy cane bullet by spending Christmas with both our families.

On March 4th, Jeremy proposed on a snowy hillside outside Cranbrook with a fire and a previously agreed upon $10 ring, while we waited for our inherited rings to be restored/redesigned. We recorded a celebratory engagement dance (because if it’s not posted on social media, did it really happen? 😉 and breathed a sigh of relief with that deep understanding of finding ‘home’ in another person. What a gift!

A little bit about where we are at in our work and education lives… Jeremy recently completed his masters degree and is a registered provisional psychologist at Journey Counselling, working on getting his designation as a fully registered psychologist. It has been a long road for Jer on the education front, and he is relieved to be finished and working in the field he has studied. He will write his provisional psychologist exam this summer and will be completing his required hours sometime next year.

Morganne is a registered massage therapist, and is back in school studying osteopathic medicine in Vancouver. The part-time program does not require her to live in Vancouver, but she has to travel there monthly for her modules. She will be moving to Calgary to be with Jeremy after the wedding.

This year has felt like time is moving differently; not kronos time (linear) but rather kairos (a season). While we haven’t known each other for a long time chronologically, in some strange way it feels like we always have – a ripened gift given in the fullness of time by the grace and goodness of God – giver of all friendship and all kinds of love. And what better way to celebrate than at a wedding – the setting in which Jesus performed his first miracle – and one which certainly enhanced the celebration! We very much hope you can join with us in this.

– M & J