Gift Ideas

So while the two of us getting married later in life, we are still either in school or recently graduated. In other words, we’re not exactly ‘established.’ Also, since Morganne isn’t moving to Calgary until after the wedding (and most of Jeremy’s current furniture is leaving with his roommate), we don’t yet have a clear idea of what we will need. We would like more flexibility than a traditional gift registry offers, so we are asking for gift cards or cash.  If you prefer to give us a physical gift, we will gladly receive it!

Click the links below to purchase eGift Cards and send them to:

Ikea  (Can’t get enough of that Swedish furniture!)

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)  (For our outdoor adventures)

Bed, Bath & Beyond (Mmmm…. soft towels… fancy forks…)

Amazon (For nerdy books, textbooks and everything else)

Or, if you choose to get a physical gift card, kindly bring it to the event or mail to:

Jeremy Siemens, 409-550 Westwood Dr. SW, Calgary, AB T3C 3T9

If you have any other questions, please send us an email.

Thank you!

M & J